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Our Farms


Bendotti Exporters' own and lease many large properties in the Pemberton region, which is renowned for its rich, loamy soils and excellent annual rainfall. The Bendotti families also hold significant investments in beef cattle and engage in domestic and export activities.


Developing new potato varieties is key to Bendotti Exporters success in the global and domestic marketplace and we are constantly importing, bulking up and trialling new varieties from around the world to help improve buyer and grower outturns.

Growing Potatoes


Care for the land is extremely important as it ensures continous production of a high quality and high yeilding crop, with minimal impact on the environment.


Bendotti Potatoes are farmed with rotation. This allows the land to re-build the nutrient base required, and maintain it's natural balance.

The Potato crop is then moved a short distance to our state of the art processing centre where they are washed and graded then either packed for delivery to market or used for the perfect tasting French Fry, and/or value added products.

Contract Growing


Bendotti Exporters' commitment to farming and processing innovation means that its markets are continuing to expand, both in Australia and overseas.


We utilise approved contract growers from Myalup to Pemberton in Australia's South West to ensure we meet our market demands and we welcome enquiries.


Contracts to approved growers are issued on a 12 month basis. Growers must be able to produce varieties to a high standard to ensure a premium grade French Fry.



Potato Seeds

Raw Potato Products

Frozen French Fries

Valued Added Potato Cuts


For more information on Bendotti's range of products, please click here.



Many different Potato varieties are used in our processing and value added.

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